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Privacy Policy


This is a public website. All content provided on this website by the Panther Sports Club is for informational purposes only. PSC maintains this website for its members and visitors. Although every effort is made to maintain privacy in accordance with these guidelines, neither the Panther Sports Club nor its members guarantee such privacy.

This website has many links to other sites. When you link to another site, you are no longer on this site and are subject to the privacy policy of the new site.


Children's names can be posted with team rosters. The format is first name, last name initial. Other personal information such as the posting of a child's address, phone number, or e-mail address on this website is prohibited. See below for the policy regarding pictures and children's names.

Generally, there are no restrictions on posting an adult's name on this website. The posting of an adult's address or phone number on this website will be done only with the adult's permission.


The pictures on this website are posted for the enjoyment of the members, their families, and their friends. The pictures show our enjoyment of sporting activities and the camaraderie among players. They also present a positive image of the Panther Sports Club. All pictures posted on this website will be in good taste.

Parents and friends are encouraged to submit photos to enhance the enjoyment of our website and the team experience. Panther Sports Club does reserve the right to use any photo submitted to the content manager in promotional materials for Panther Sports Club. See Site Procedures for instructions on submitting photos.

Any picture posted on this website may be downloaded by anyone. The downloading of pictures from this website CANNOT be prevented.

The following details our guidelines for the posting of children's pictures. With the public nature of the Internet, the privacy of our children is extremely important.

******* THE NAMES OF CHILDREN WILL NOT BE POSTED WITH PICTURES. ******* In the case, where a name is required with a photo for marketing purposes, we will seek the permission of the parent(s) first.

If you do not wish to have your daughter's photo displayed, please inform Panther Sports Club in writing. If any pictures are already posted, identify the photos and they will either be removed or identity altered.

If for some compelling reason, children's names need to be posted with pictures, then parental permission is required prior to such use; and then only the first names of the children may be posted with their pictures and in a manner that will not necessarily deduce the identity of those in the picture.

Although these Photo Privacy Guidelines apply to numerous situations involving children, there may be situations that arise which were not foreseen when these guidelines were created. In such situations, every effort will be made to ensure the child's privacy.

All pictures submitted for posting are subject to approval by the Webmaster.

Last Revised 09-25-09