Panther Sports Club

IHBB Rules

In-House Basketball Rules

Player Uniform:

  1. Knee pads must be worn at all times while on the court for PONYTAIL LEVEL. Major and Senior level, knee pads are optional.
  2. No Jewelry (this includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches, and Fitbits) may be worn during a game. The only exceptions are stud style earrings (for new piercings), WHICH MUST BE COVERED BY A BANDAID. Refusal to remove may result in the player not being allowed to take the court.
  3. The player must wear Panther issued uniform. This includes game shirt, shorts and knee pads at the ponytail level. Uniforms may not be modified or altered.
  4. Basketball or gym shoes must be worn.

Additional Notes for Coaches

1. All coaches are required to keep a copy of these rules with them at all times.

2. All coaches need to have their players' registration forms with them in their team folder. This folder needs to be at ALL practices and games. If your folder is missing you must provide it within 15 minutes of the game's start time or forfeit the game. If a player's form is incomplete (missing parent release signature or medical information, etc.) it must be completed before the said player can play.

3. At each game, both teams will supply one parent/adult to work either the scoreboard or scorebook.

Access, Gym Facilities & Equipment Set Up

  1. Please arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to the start of the practice or game. We are given specific times from the facilities (Eg. If we have the facility beginning at 6:00 pm, please do not enter prior to 5:45 pm)
  2. If you arrive and there is a school event that is still taking place (eg. School basketball game). Please wait outside until the activity has completed and everyone has cleared the gym. The school has priority. We are their guests.
  3. Please abide by Facility rules and Facility Staff. If they tell you cannot enter, then you DO NOT enter. We do not want to lose a facility because we couldn't follow their rules.
  4. A Coach, Committee Member or Panthers Board Member must be present to enter the facility and set up the equipment. Parents may help in setting up equipment (chairs, scores boards, etc.). No Player or Parents should be in the gym without a Coach, Committee Member or Board Member.

Panther Sports Club follows IHSA rules for any situations not specifically mentioned or superseded below.


1. Each game consists of 4 quarters. Minutes per quarter are as follows:

Ponytail: 6 Minutes

Majors: 6 Minutes

Seniors: 7 Minutes

2. Each team will have 4 full timeouts per game. Each timeout lasts 1 minute. 2 full timeouts in the first half and 2 full timeouts in the second half. Timeouts will not carry over.


1. In the case of overtime, each team is awarded 1 additional timeout. The overtime period will last 3 minutes.

2. If a second overtime period is needed, it becomes sudden death (first team to score wins).

3. There will be a jump ball to start each overtime period.


1. Once a player has 5 personal fouls (throughout the entire game), that player fouls out and is ineligible for the remainder of that game.

2. On the 7th team foul, the opposing team shoots a 1 and 1 from the free throw line. Prior to that the team foul results in a change of possession.

3. On the 10th team foul, the opposing team shoots 2 shots from the free throw line.

4. Team fouls reset at the start of the third quarter.

5. All technical fouls result in an automatic 2 points and possession of the ball afterward.

6. After a coach's 2nd technical foul during a single game, they will be ejected from the game and suspended from their next game.

7. Any coach or player getting 3 technical fouls during the season will be suspended for a minimum of 1 game. Anyone with more than 3 technical fouls will face additional suspensions as determined by the basketball committee.

8. Free throws: PONYTAIL players may shoot from up to 2 feet in front of the free throw line.


Panthers In-House programs support equal playing time for ALL players. The following rules govern that time for basketball. ALL players are required to play a minimum of a quarter and a half. It is highly recommended that coaches play all players an equal amount so that the girls will all learn the game.

1. 1st Quarter: Substitutions are not allowed in the first quarter with the exceptions of illness or injury.

2. 2nd Quarter: Any player that did not play the 1st quarter is required to play the entire 2nd quarter. Example: If you have 8 players for the game, 5 start the 1st quarter and the remaining 3 start the 2nd quarter. The other 2 slots can be filled from any of the 5 players who played the 1st quarter and you are not allowed to substitute with the exceptions of illness or injury.

3. 3rd Quarter: Any girl that has started both the first and second quarters is not allowed to start the 3rd quarter. Each team can substitute halfway through the quarter (Ponytail/Majors: 3-minute mark; Seniors 3:30 mark). There will be an official timeout at this point. The official will call the timeout at a dead ball or if the action is moving slow. The timeout will not be called if there is a fast-moving play. The players that did not start the 3rd quarter can be subbed in and play the remaining 3rd quarter. By the end of the 3rd quarter, all girls should have played the required quarter and a half. Coaches, please remember this timeout is for substitutions only. You should have your players ready to substitute and not use this time to draw up plays etc. For all substitutions please have the players check in at the scorers' table and be kneeling down there on one knee ready to enter the game.

4. 4th Quarter: There is unlimited substitution during this quarter.

NOTE: Players arriving late, after the start of the game, will not have mandatory playing time.

NOTE: If you have 11 players, the following special rules are in effect for those teams IF ALL 11 players show up. If 10 or fewer players show up then these rules do not apply and the regular substitution rules do.

1. 1st Quarter: Halfway through the quarter the coaches are allowed to sub in the "11th" player.

2.2nd Quarter: Again halfway through the quarter the coaches are allowed to sub in the "11th" player.

3. The coaches are required to make a substitution of the "11th" player in one of the quarters but not both. However, they can substitute the 11th player in both quarters if they choose to.


1. Full court press is not allowed at any time.

2. When the defensive team rebounds and controls the ball after a shot the offensive team must retreat to the other side of the court and play defense (they cannot press/defend at the point of the rebound).

3. The press line is at the top of the 3 point line extended straight across the court. Only after this line is broken can the defending team press.

4. A press violation occurs if a defending player encroaches into the above-stated area before the ball crosses the press line. If this occurs the official will call a press violation and the offensive team will inbound the ball from the sideline.

5. On the 3rd and subsequent press violations, a technical team foul is awarded.

6. In the final 2 minutes of the 4th quarter, the press line moves to half court and defending players can press from that point. The amount of time to cross that line is reduced to 10 seconds.


1. A half-court press is allowed the entire game unless the leading team is up by 10 or more points. In that case, the leading team must not press prior to the 3 point line extended. The trailing team can still half-court press.

2. The Ponytail rules governing press violations and rebounding apply at this level as well.


1. In the lane, an offensive player may only stay there for 3 consecutive seconds. After that, she will be called for a 3-second violation by the referee.

2. Teams have 5 seconds to inbound the ball after the referee has given the ball to a player. Note: If no players are there to receive the ball the referee may start counting anyway to keep the game moving.

3. Majors and Seniors have 10 seconds to cross half court.

4. At Ponytail, the above rule is changed due to the press line. Ponytail teams have 15 seconds to cross the press line. If the offensive team does not dribble or pass beyond the press line the following rule applies.

5. If any of the above times are violated the referee will call a violation and the ball will be turned over to the other team.


No parent or spectator may enter on the court at any time during game, timeouts or half time. No parent or spectator may use inappropriate language and will respect all players, coaches, fans, and officials regardless of race, creed, sex or ability. 1st offense will be a warning. If a 2nd offense is made, you may be asked to leave the gym by the ref, coach, commissioner, committee member or board member. If your daughter is still playing, you may wait outside until after the game is over.


  1. Panther Sports Club carries SECONDARY MEDICAL COVERAGE
  2. Be sure to follow any procedures your personal insurance coverage requires when going to the emergency room or doctor's office.
  3. Coach must fill out page 1 of the incident report and a parent or guardian of the injured player must fill out page 2. A board member then signs off on the report and immediately submits to Vice President of Panthers Sports Club:

Bryan Hanny

373 Lyons Rd

Bolingbrook, IL 60440


The coach must report an accident to the appropriate commissioner immediately:

In-House Basketball: Andre McCarroll (630) 849-3979

Contact Bryan Hanny (630) 236-1433 when you have received notification from your PRIMARY insurance carrier regarding their payment. He will forward the appropriate forms to you.